Dennis Quaid Will Dive Into Katrina’s Bush

Perfect casting for a likely perfect show.

It almost doesn’t matter who gets cast in Ryan Murphy’s Katrina: American Crime Story. I’m watching that shit based on the strength of the OJ show regardless. But, you know, a cool cast doesn’t hurt.

So far the show has the benefit of Annette Bening, Matthew Broderick and (of course) Sarah Paulson. Now it has its Bush.

According to Variety, Dennis Quaid - sorry all you folks who were hoping for Randy - will play the bad but increasingly lovable in retrospect forty-third president. You can probably already see how this will go in your head. That’s because this is extremely good casting. Bush was already kind of a Dennis Quaid guy in his own head, after all.

It’ll be interesting to see if this does anything to remind people of how not awesome Bush was. It’ll be even more interesting to see who they cast as Cheney. I'm hoping for Danny DeVito. But I hope that for everything.