Netflix To Revive THE DARK CRYSTAL With Bad New Series

Hear me out, folks.

I know, I know. Nostalgia is very important. And many of you have attachments to The Dark Crystal because it scared the shit out of you when you were wee. I agree, that movie is super cool. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t get too excited about this:

That’s a teaser for one of today’s many big Netflix announcements. They are going to make a 10-episode revival series for The Dark Crystal.

Here’s the rub. It’s a prequel series, which to be fair, might not matter much at all quality-wise. But worse than that, the whole thing is going to be executive produced and directed by Louis Leterrier. Not, special effects wiz Louis Leterrier, or well-known puppet aficionado Louis Leterrier, but director of Clash of the Titans, Now You See Me, and The Incredible Hulk Louis Leterrier. Len Wiseman must be busy.

I’m sure many of you will eagerly brush this detail aside to bask in anticipation, but I can’t let it go. Look deep in your heart. You know it’s true.