Dreams do come true. Even the crazy weird ones.

Sometimes the Upfronts crush your favorite shows. Other times, they announce new properties that you can’t wait for. When they’re doing neither of those things, they’re telling you about what the content that’s sticking around will bring in the coming season. Usually it’s run-of-the-mill this actor’s coming in, this actor’s leaving, or vague “exciting things in store!” promises. In typical show-form, the Supernatural portion of this morning’s Upfront presentation was a bit weirder than all that.

It looks like the boys will be fulfilling a joke that fans have been making for ages. They’re finally joining the Scooby gang. And not the Buffy Scooby gang. According to Entertainment Weekly, there will be an animated crossover episode of Supernatural and Scooby-Doo.

Now, for those raising their eyebrows, this definitely does look like a cheap ratings grab at first glance. However, if you’ve been around from the beginning of this very long adventure, you’ll also note that some of their best episodes take place in weird universes outside of their everyday hunting. The show’s strange, alternate reality episodes have all had one thing in common: the Trickster angel, Gabriel. Could this mean we see Richard Speight Jr’s return to the front of the camera in season thirteen? No one’s confirmed anything yet, but if this crazy property crossover is a possibility, so is Gabe’s return!

Update: Now there's a picture: