The CW Upfronts Give Us Our First BLACK LIGHTNING Trailer

Meet CW's newest superhero.

The newly slated Black Lightning recently got its season order from the CW Network, which meant they had to bring something along with them to their Upfronts presentation this morning. Their first-look trailer is pretty standard fare for their superhero offerings. Lots of explosions, a burdened hero, and a joke tossed in here and there. Take a look! 

While it may look like most of their other trailers, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that stand out. First and foremost, Black Lightning is a retired hero. They lean into that instead of shying away from it, which is great. It’s been a hot second since he’s been in a fight, and it shows in the fight choreography. There are little skip-steps here and there. Choppier moments that we know the fight choreographers and stunt teams of the network would avoid otherwise. The first-look sets up the primer for the season, exactly as it should, and the few minutes we see of the new (old) hero makes both his plight and his purpose believable. So, while it does look just like all of their others, it’s bringing in a new concept for them so far as story arcs go, and it’s wrapped it up in a believable package.

During their presentation, the CW Network also confirmed that Black Lightning will not be a part of the Arrowverse in the beginning. This certainly isn’t a bad thing. It gives the show the opportunity to develop on its own without relying on other heroes. And just because it isn’t a part of the universe now doesn’t mean it won’t be later down the road.