SCARFACE May Get Exactly The Director It Deserves

If you want your SCARFACE crazy, this is a good sign.

Ah, the Scarface saga. At one point, it was going to be the next Antoine Fuqua joint. And I was excited, because I’m always down for Fuqua. But then Fuqua left the project and I was waaaay more excited because he left to make The Equalizer 2, and, c’mon, that is so where my heart is.

But that left Scarface and its star Diego Luna all alone with no director. Who out there could tell this moving story of an immigrant who becomes a drug kingpin through sheer will and ruthlessness and give it the immoral wackiness it deserves? Suddenly someone remembered David Ayer exists, probably hungry to show off his machismo insanity after years of dealing with DC cartoon characters and Orc Cops.

So according to Deadline, Ayer is now in negotiations to direct Scarface. Next to Fuqua, I can’t imagine another director I’d rather have doing this. Ayer doesn’t make good movies exactly, but before getting derailed by DC, he made some pretty insane ones. Scarface seems like a good match for that. AND, Fuqua is still off to direct The Equalizer 2 . Everyone wins.