Tom Hardy Will Play VENOM For Director Ruben Fleischer

Welp, didn't see that coming.

According to an exclusive report that just hit Variety, Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy has officially signed on to headline Sony's Venom movie, with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer onboard to direct. The film is not, as of this time, believed to be an official sequel to Life.

Variety goes on to say the script will be written by Jeff Pinkner (The Dark Tower) and Scott Rosenberg (Jumanji), and that this was something of a slam-dunk get for the studio: apparently, Tom Hardy is "a huge fan of Venom."

While it remains to be seen whether or not a Spider-Man-free Venom movie is a legitimately good idea, it is encouraging to see someone with Hardy's talents onboard to star in the project. Of course, this is valuable time that Hardy could be spending making another Mad Max movie, but I suppose we have to wait for Warner Bros. to actually greenlight that sequel before we do any real grumbling on that front.

What do you guys think? Into this casting? Into this director? Have you, uh, read Jeff Pinkner's Dark Tower script? Sound off in the comments below.