SPOILERS: The First Reaction From The TWIN PEAKS Premiere Has Arrived

Absolutely positively do NOT read this if you want to go in blind. Second warning.

Third And Final Warning: This post contains what may or may not be spoilers for the first two episodes of Showtime's Twin Peaks. Whether or not they are spoilers is debatable, but we're erring on the side of caution here and warning everyone.

Last night, the first two episodes of Showtime's Twin Peaks reboot screened to a select audience of industry folks, press, and cast members in Los Angeles. The premiere itself wasn't a secret - those in attendance weren't shy about revealing their location on social media last night - but the word on the street was that any and all reactions to the screening (particularly full-blown reviews) were absolutely out of the question. Way we heard it, everyone there was NDA'd into oblivion.

And yet, Yahoo! has a post-premiere write-up, one which contains several hints about what we can expect from these first few episodes. Their headline promises a "Spoiler-Free" reaction, but given how secretive this project has been and how sensitive fans are to spoilers at this point (less than 24 hours before the show arrives), that strikes this writer as...well, maybe not entirely accurate. 

But - but! - what they have to say is deeply intriguing. So, in the interest of passing along the word to those of you who are receptive to hints (read: possible spoilers), here we are. Here's what Yahoo!'s Price Peterson has to say about the episodes:

• The best new face… does not have a face.
• One actor plays two characters, and wears a hilarious wig for one of them.
• There is a shocking moment that is among the scariest things I’ve ever seen on TV.
• The new opening credits may have some viewers reaching for the Dramamine.
• Episode 2 uses a song by the Chromatics that may haunt your playlists for weeks.
• The first two episodes alternate between cryptic, terrifying, and hilarious. There was as much laughter as there were gasps.
• Though advertised as a “new season” of Twin Peaks, these episodes felt more like a revival of ALL of David Lynch’s work. Parts of it felt very Blue Velvet and Lost Highway, with some imagery from Eraserhead mixed in.

Just about everything above sounds just fine by us, but that last bit - the thing about current-day Twin Peaks feeling less like Twin Peaks Classic and more like...well, the rest of Lynch's filmography...is pretty much exactly what we were hoping to hear. The Birth.Movies.Death. crew, staunch Fire Walk With Me supporters that we are, was hoping this would be the case. If the above is true, we're going to be very happy campers, indeed.

What do you guys think? Does the above make you more or less excited for tomorrow night's Twin Peaks revival? You guys got viewing parties planned? Sitting it out until it's available to binge? Have zero interest whatsoever and think we're crazy for being this hyped about it? Sound off in the comments below.