Get In On These GET OUT Posters From Mondo

The standout release of 2017 gets a pair of beautiful limited prints.

Three months after its release, Get Out feels like a legitimate cultural milestone – it broke box office records, wowed critics, and left a mark on pop culture that I think we’ll be feeling for a long time. Calling it now: when we write the film history books covering this decade and the next, Get Out is going to play a very significant role in that story.

So the least we can do to honor Jordan Peele’s masterpiece is to make with a couple of iconic posters from the good folks at Mondo.  Check them out:

Get Out by Jay Shaw
18" x 24" screen print
Edition of 150
Printed by DL Screenprinting
$ 40

Get Out by Francesco Francavilla
24" x 36" screen print
Edition of 250
Printed by DL Screenprinting

Two equally stark but otherwise wildly different visions. Shaw's image nicely evokes the vintage paranoia/satire films running through Get Out's DNA, while Francavilla knows an iconic moment from the film when he sees one. Lovely work, gentlemen. 

You know the drill: these will be available tomorrow at a random time at Mondo's website. When they're gone they're gone, so keep an eye on Mondo's front page - and its Twitter feed - for the announcement that it's gone live.