Universal Unleashes Crazy DARK UNIVERSE Details

Like, for instance, that it will be called DARK UNIVERSE.

We’ve known that Universal is starting a new creative universe with this summer’s Mummy movie, which not only has the star wattage of Tom Cruise, but also features Russell Crowe as the famous Dr. Jekyll. The movie looks a bit silly, but at least they’re really going for it.

Now we can see a bit more of how this plan looks. Today, Universal offered a press release chock full of details. For instance, Bill Condon will direct Bride of Frankenstein which will be the next film after The Mummy; Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp are still all in to play Frankenstein’s Monster and The Invisible Man, respectively. On top of that, the whole enterprise now has a name, a logo and (kind of) a trailer:

So there you have it. Even if The Mummy is a stinker, we’re still going on this journey. Whether we like it or not. My take, I’m about as excited for Bride of Frankenstein as I am wary of The Invisible Man.