Looks Like FAR CRY 5’s Gonna Be About Crazy Religious Fundamentalists

We are there for it.

Today, Ubisoft revealed some new key art for its forthcoming Far Cry 5, and it seems to confirm the rumors that've been making the rounds recently: that the new Far Cry would bring us back into the present day (after the shrug-inducing Far Cry Primal), that it'd be set in America (Montana, is what I'd heard) and that it'd revolve around religious fundamentalists (right-wing Christian wackos, if the rumors were true). 

Looks like all that was right on the money.

Everything's adding up, right? You've got an American flag front and center (the stars changed to crosses), you've got what definitely appear to be right-wing religious fanatics (of course we don't know exactly where their loyalties lie, but if we're judging a book by its cover: yeah, that's what these folks look like to us), and - according to Polygon - Ubisoft unleashed a live-action action trailer just last week which confirmed the Montana setting we heard about a while back (late to the party on that confirmation, whoops). 

The gameplay loop in Far Cry - which has you traversing a gigantic open-world environment, battling wild animals and numerous bad guys as you navigate the various political leanings of the unfriendly factions you encounter along the way - is one of the best in gaming, even if it's started to wear a little thin. And lord knows Ubisoft has all but perfected their open-world FPS skills over the past decade and a half. Given all of that and the timely subject matter, I think I'm back to being interested in Far Cry after sitting out Primal.

How about you folks? Interested in this one? Think it'll hit a little too close to home? Excited about it for precisely that reason? Sound off in the comments below.

Far Cry 5 will arrive sometime between now and April of next year. I'm hoping for a Christmas release, so I can play it over the break at my in-laws' house.