TWIN PEAKS Is Back, And So Is The Padcast!

“James Is Still Cool. He’s Always Been Cool.”

Well, it has truly been a while since Phil and I last got together to make a podcast happen. Luckily, the wait was worth it as we make up for lost time with this look at everything from Free Fire to Alien: Covenant.

Our hearts, however, are totally with Twin Peaks and how much we are loving these new episodes so far. Phil and I get spoilery all the way up to episode four, but I also offer a fair warning before all that begins, so if you’re really worried about it, you’ll know when to throw your phone across the room in disgust.

Other than that, everything is pretty much how we left it. The sound quality is wonky, you can hear me drinking, and my cat acts like an asshole. I know I always end these things with a promise for what to expect next week, only to wait forever to put up another episode. But I do think Phil and I will be getting together more frequently just to talk Twin Peaks. Recapping and theorizing and speculating is just too much fun.