HBO Makes It Official, Orders Up More SILICON VALLEY And VEEP

If nothing else, we have two more seasons' worth of great comedy to look forward to.

According to Variety, HBO officially renewed its two best comedy series - Silicon Valley and Veep - for one more season apiece. That will bring Silicon Valley's grand season total up to five seasons, while Veep will be getting a seventh.

This is welcome news, as both of these series are amongst the funniest things currently on television, but I will admit to being somewhat surprised that Veep's coming back for sevenths: as strong as that show's been this season, it also feels - just from a narrative standpoint - that the series is about ready to be brought in for a landing. Then again, I should probably just shut my lips and accept another year's worth of hilariously profane hijinks from the Veep crew.

Both Silicon Valley and Veep will wrap their current seasons on June 25th. These newly-ordered seasons will both air sometime in 2018. Stand by for more on both of these shows as the news rolls in (I think we're a few minutes away from a somewhat shocking Silicon Valley announcement, so stay tuned).