Here’s The First Trailer For TRAIN TO BUSAN Prequel SEOUL STATION

In which one of the best recent zombie movies gets an animated prequel.

Real talk: I slept on Yeon Sang-ho's Train To Busan for months because I thought I was all done watching zombie movies. Somewhere in-between video games, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, The Talking Dead, and a slew of knock-off imitators, the zombie sub-genre hit critical mass for me years ago, and I assumed that Train To Busan would be more dead-horse beating. 

What can I say? I was very, very wrong. Train To Busan is excellent, and well worth searching out even if you'd rather watch paint dry than another goddamn zombie movie. It's fun, ingeniously staged, and ultimately way more emotionally impactful than I ever would have believed. 

And now it's getting an animated prequel.

This, as revealed by the good folks at Entertainment Weekly, is the first trailer for Yeon Sang-ho's Seoul Station, a direct prequel to Train To Busan that lets us know how all those zombie hijinks got started:

"In the animated film, a man sleeping in the titular transport nexus becomes a catalyst for the pandemonium in downtown Seoul: a full-on zombie apocalypse. The rapidly-spreading infection propels what is also a family drama, one with parallels to real-world social horrors."

Will Seoul Station deliver in the same way Train To Busan did? Hard to say. Something about the fact that this one's animated has me feeling less than encouraged, but then again - and as we learned earlier in this very post - I've been dead wrong before. I'll give it a whirl!

For those wondering, Seoul Station will first debut via FilmRise on iTunes on May 30th, before hitting Blu-ray and DVD on June 6th. Think you'll check it out or nah?