Rosario Dawson Likely To Join NEW MUTANTS

This is a step up from patching Daredevil’s bullet holes.

Rosario Dawson either really loves being in Marvel properties or has fallen victim to a severe act of coincidence. I prefer to believe the former.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dawson is currently in talks to join New Mutants, which apparently will be a comic book movie and also a horror film. I’ll believe that when I see it, but I am excited to see it, so I guess I’m excited to believe it as well.

Dawson would be joining a cast that already includes Ana Taylor-Joy and Maise Williams. Her role would be Dr. Cecilia Reyes. But she’s not just a doctor! She can also generate a force field around herself, which is a very useful trick if you fight crime but have no offensive powers.

Reyes will serve as a kind of mentor to the youngsters involved. So she’s really more of an Old Mutant. Get it right, movie title.

In any case, this is interesting casting, and I hope it works out for everyone involved. That includes me, when the movie eventually comes out and I have to watch it.