Tom Cruise Wants To Reunite With His OBLIVION Director For TOP GUN 2

Joseph Kosinski may be headed for the Danger Zone.

According to Variety, Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is the frontrunner to direct the forthcoming Top Gun sequel, which was announced earlier this week by Tom Cruise himself on an Australian talk show.

Variety says Cruise himself was instrumental in landing Kosinski the gig:

"Cruise met with potential helmers prior to and while filming Mission Impossible: 6 in London to ensure the Top Gun sequel was ready to go after production wrapped. Even with Cruise and Kosinski having previously worked together on the 2013 sci-fi action film, sources say it was Kosinski’s vision the sequel’s direction that officially won him the job."

This isn't so shocking! Cruise has a history of finding directors he likes and then working with them repeatedly, and the pair's previous project - 2013's Oblivion - was a reasonably successful hit.

Yes, all things considered, Kosinski strikes this writer as decent a choice for Top Gun 2, a sequel whose sizzle-and-flash levels are likely to run very high. Whether or not a Top Gun sequel is something we actually need is another debate entirely.

What do you guys think? Into Kosinski for this? Wish they were aiming for someone a little more...I dunno, heavyweight? We're curious where you folks stand on this, so hit the comments section below to weigh in with your thoughts.