Women-Only WONDER WOMAN Screening Sells Out Immediately

And some dudes aren't loving it.

Yesterday, the Alamo Drafthouse, the company for which I am so proud to work, announced that they're hosting a Wonder Woman screening exclusively for audience members who identify as women. 

The most iconic superheroine in comic book history finally has her own movie, and what better way to celebrate than with an all-female screening?

Apologies, gentlemen, but we’re embracing our girl power and saying “No Guys Allowed” for one special night at the Alamo Ritz. And when we say “People Who Identify As Women Only,” we mean it. Everyone working at this screening -- venue staff, projectionist, and culinary team -- will be female.

So lasso your geeky girlfriends together and grab your tickets to this celebration of one of the most enduring and inspiring characters ever created.

The first screening sold out immediately, so the Alamo Austin added a second screening that's minutes from selling out. National screenings are potentially in the works, so if you identify as a woman and live in or near an Alamo market, keep your eyes peeled. 

This is a really special celebration of one of the most iconic feminist characters of all time. The original screening takes place on June 6, a few days after Wonder Woman hits theaters nationwide, a period that will include hundreds of screenings to which everyone has the opportunity to buy a ticket and attend, but naturally some guys are still calling "reverse-sexism," that hilarious old chestnut. The Alamo Drafthouse Facebook announcement already has hundreds of comments. Many of them are appreciative of this fierce, lovely gesture, but many are complaints of misandry and exclusionism. The Drafthouse social team has been responding with typical pleasant cheek. This one's my fave: 

But let's not spend too much time on that part of the story. For every guy who's offended that he's not invited to this one party, there's a woman who's elated and proud. Wonder Woman is an event, a movie decades in the making, a celebration of a character that has meant so much to so many women for nearly eighty years, women who have watched male superhero after male superhero get movies while they waited for their own.

This screening is a beautiful thing, and my heart is filled at the thought of it. I know I'm not alone there. Sure, it's going to piss some people off, but all of the biggest ideas do.