TRYING TIMES Podcast Episode Four: The Furry Dance Party

In which Scott and Shultz get crunk.

Where do I even begin?

I guess we should start with one final warning: the following episode of Trying Times is even more NSFW than usual. In between one thing and another, this episode gets fairly raunchy, and there's some material here you're definitely not gonna want your boss overhearing. 

Secondly, this is my favorite episode of Trying Times thus far. We had a blast planning the challenge ("Attend a Furry Dance Party"), we were stunned by how much fun we had executing it (yes, Shultz and I got onstage and danced with Furries), and we hit the jackpot with this month's guest (the very funny, unfailingly polite porn director and Mac & Me enthusiast Lee Roy Myers). From top to bottom, this one feels closest to what we want Trying Times to be.

As such, I'm thrilled to share the following. Please enjoy:

At the end there, Shultz and I put out a call for challenges. We've since landed on something for next month's episode, but we're still open to hearing your ideas. We'll hear you out on just about anything, but keep in mind that we are doing this show on a budget, we won't do anything illegal, and we won't do anything that could get us killed (this is why we're saving "Go Skydiving" for the series finale). You can pitch your ideas in the comments below, or hit up me and Shultz directly on Twitter.

Next month: we've got another great guest lined up and we've got a potentially unfortunate series of challenges planned (it's actually like 3-4 mini challenges under one challenge umbrella). Meet us back here in a month to experience that.

Oh, and PS: should Shultz and I go to the AVN Awards or nah?