Watch Gal Gadot Train Conan O’Brien To Become WONDER WOMAN

Well, not THE Wonder Woman. There's only one Wonder Woman.

You know the drill: we don't normally traffic in late night clips here at Birth.Movies.Death. (sorry, you'll have to get your egregiously wacky "Carpool Karaoke" content somewhere else), but every once in a while an undeniably charming piece of talk show content pops up on our radar, and in those rare situations we feel obliged to share with you, the reading audience. Generally these clips involve Conan O'Brien, because Conan O'Brien was, is and always will be a goddamn boss.

See also: Conan subjecting himself to a Wonder Woman training session with Gal Gadot.

This one doesn't quite reach the hilarious heights reached by the last Conan O'Brien segment we shared with you, but we got enough out of it to feel that it was post-worthy. Sure, this post has no nutritional value, but I defy you to care about that once Conan breaks out his very own superhero costume ("The hair's the most real part"). 

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters on June 2nd. I think they're doing a screening of it at the Drafthouse or something.