Announcing BMD Events!

Big news for BMD.

Today marks a new chapter in the story of Birth.Movies.Death., and we think it’s a super exciting one. Check out the navigation bar up top. Notice anything different?

That’s right - we’ve got a whole new tab up there, and it’s where we'll be listing all of our upcoming BMD Events!

We decided it's not enough to celebrate the movies we love online - we want to take those celebrations out into the real world, and we’re starting by making the third consecutive year of Jaws on the Water the biggest and best yet.

But first, let’s talk about what you can expect from BMD Events in the future. Each BMD Event will feature an epic experiential screening hosted somewhere outside of a traditional movie theater. That could be an outdoor screening, a movie party in a performing arts venue, or a screening at an iconic location from a film. They'll also feature exclusive collectibles from Mondo, and we’re starting with a series of pint glasses by Mondo artists celebrating classic films. Here’s a sneak at the pending artwork by Kevin Tong for our Jaws glass:

Cool, right? Whenever possible, BMD Events will also offer follow-up screenings in theaters across the U.S., where we’ll have a limited amount of those Mondo collectibles available for fans. Don't live near an Alamo Drafthouse? Don't worry - we're working on some fun ways to spread the love to everyone. 

We’re starting off by presenting Jaws on the Water in Austin, Texas, in an all-new location: Volente Beach water park on Lake Travis.

If you've ever experienced the terror of watching Jaws while floating on an inner tube, know that Volente Beach will make that experience scarier than ever because attendees' feet will dangle into deeper, more mysterious waters that inhabit all manner of creatures who may be disturbed by our presence. 

Fortunately we'll be providing some liquid courage in the form of Lone Star, and you can cool off on four different water slides, at a swim-up bar or with an early scout of the lake location where we’ll be watching the film.

Guys, that’s not even all of it! This year our Jaws on the Water events will include special screenings of Jaws 2Jaws 3D (in 3D, of course) and even Jaws: The Revenge. Those shows kick off on June 30th, and that week we’ll also be hosting Movie Party screenings of Jaws in Alamo Drafthouse theaters across the country. So you can pick up Mondo’s pint glass with tickets, along with BMD foam fins to take home and other surprises throughout the movie.

In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing major experiential screenings in California, New York, the Midwest and more. And don’t be surprised if you start seeing us in other countries as we go wider with this series in 2018 and beyond. 

In the meantime, our Jaws on the Water screenings begin Friday, June 30th, and continue through several weekends in July. If you’re able to join us on Lake Travis this summer, or if you want to check out an Alamo screening, click on that above Events tab, pick up your tickets, and we’ll see you there!

Then watch this space for more announcements and tons of surprises in the coming weeks and months. We're crazy excited about this endeavor, and we hope you guys are, too. See you on the water!