Will Arnett Says ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season Five Won’t Be Like Season Four

That's good news.

In a new interview with Business Insider, the most excitingly-named website on the internet, Arrested Development's Will Arnett says the show's upcoming fifth season will be much more in line with Arrested Development Classic.

Here's the news:

"Arrested Development star Will Arnett tells Business Insider that when the beloved comedy returns to Netflix for its fifth season, the star-studded cast will spend "much more" time together on the screen.

The new season will be structured "much like the original broadcast series," he added."

I suppose your reaction to this will depend largely on how you felt about Arrested Development's fourth season. Speaking as a fan who really, really did not care for that particular experiment, all of the above is music to my ears. Get these likably unlikable characters all in one room at the same time, for god's sake! 

Beyond the fact that it'll hit Netflix sometime in 2018, nothing further is known about Arrested Development's fifth season at this time. Stay tuned for updates, and feel free to celebrate Arrested Development's alleged return-to-form in the comments below.