Odette Annable Lands Big Bad Role for SUPERGIRL Season Three

Long may she Reign.

If you thought you were going to have to wait until closer to October to get details on the upcoming Supergirl season, think again! Variety is reporting that the Girl of Steel has found her big bad for season three, and she’s not messing around!

Continuing the show’s trend of terrifying and tough female villains will be none other than Reign. Those familiar with DC’s previous New 52 franchise reboot will recognize the character as a worldkiller. If you’ve avoided all of the world resets in the comics, she’s basically a Doomsday-type baddie. Remember that baby that left everyone wondering just what the hell was happening at the very end of Supergirl’s finale? That’s her!

Kryptonian scientists took Reign as a baby and did all sorts of fun experiments on her. When I say “fun” I mean awful, but hey, who cares about babies, right? We don’t know much about next season, but we’ll likely see something akin to her arc in the New 52. She’ll come to Earth trying to do what worldkillers do best, but will have to go through Supergirl and her team to succeed.

Taking up the role of Reign will be Odette Annable, who has quite a few gigs under her belt already. Some of her credits include Pure Genius, House, Banshee, and Cloverfield.  Reign’s character has a lot of tragedy to her, and Berlanti and his superhero factory are excited to see what Annable can do with her. Considering the team’s track record on the small screen, I have a feeling she’s going to do great!