Prepare Yourselves For SIN CITY: THE TV SERIES

Where is your God now?

Back in 2005, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller co-directed Sin City, based on Miller's comic of the same name. It was a painstakingly faithful reproduction of Miller's work, filled with tough-talkin' lowlives, leather-clad machine-gun babes, and - lest we forget - a legitimately creepy performance from Elijah Wood. At the time, we looked upon it and saw that it was okay. Then about a decade went by and Miller and Rodriguez reunited for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. We looked upon that one and saw that it was trash. 

Anyway, now this is happening:

"TWC/Dimension is developing a TV reboot of Frank Miller’s iconic comic series Sin City. This one will hew closely to the graphic novels, with a fresh take by writer Glen Mazzara, the showrunner whose resume includes The Shield, The Walking Dead and The Omen.

Underworld helmer Len Wiseman, whose TV credits include Sleepy Hollow and Lucifer, will direct."

Yes, Sin City is being rebooted as a television series, to be written by The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara and directed by Len Wiseman (Live Free Or Die Hard, the Total Recall remake). Deadline - who broke the story - goes on to claim that no network is currently attached to the series, but that "networks are beginning to circle", much like vultures circling the corpse of a well-beaten and rotting horse.

Nothing further is known about the Sin City TV series at this time (what level of involvement Frank Miller will have, who'll star in it, why it's happening at all), but we will keep you informed as the updates roll in. In the meantime, feel free to debate the merits of Sin City versus Sin City: A Dame To Kill For in the space provided below.