This Is Not A Drill: ANIMANIACS Is Getting A Reboot

Wakko, Yakko and Dot are headed back to television.

According to our friends over at IndieWire, Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation are currently working on an Animaniacs reboot. They've even roped Steven Spielberg back into the fold. 

Here's the news:

"The potential reboot comes as Animaniacs has experienced a new surge in popularity since arriving on Netflix last year. Steven Spielberg, who developed the original as a follow-up to the success of his Tiny Toon Adventures, is expected to be on board in crafting the updated version."

Animaniacs blew up just around the time I stopped watching cartoons after school, which means that my knowledge of the series is mostly limited to its pedigree (Amblin, Spielberg), its main characters (siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot) and the show's biggest ongoing feature, Pinky And The Brain (which proved popular enough to later earn its own spin-off series).

I have no real love for Animaniacs, in other words, but I definitely understand what a big deal this is going to be for a bunch of people (our own Phil Nobile Jr., for instance, is a noted Animaniacs aficionado; tweet him about it and see if I'm lying). 

Anyway, IndieWire's report goes on to say that the Animaniacs reboot is in its earliest stages of development, so early that it doesn't even have a home yet. Given the original run's popularity on Netflix, it seems a safe bet that it could end up there, but of course that's pure speculation. Guess we'll have to wait and see. 

While we're waiting: are you guys excited about this? More or less excited than you were about the return of Twin Peaks? Sound off below.