Someone Recut The MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS Trailer With An Even Better Soundtrack

Several of them, actually.

Earlier today, the first trailer for Kenneth Branaugh's Murder On The Orient Express arrived, and almost immediately people were talking about the...well, let's call it the bold choice to heavily feature an Imagine Dragons song during the film's most dramatic moment (you can see the original here if you missed it).

Anyay, we all had a good laugh and moved on with our days...except for YouTube user TeamQuabs, who put together the following:

Look, the Birth.Movies.Death. team is very excited about Murder On The Orient Express. It's got a great cast, a very accomplished director at the helm, and is based on one of the greatest mystery novels of all time. But come on: funny is funny.

Murder On The Orient Express opens on November 10th. Imagine Dragons will not be featured in the final film.