The PREACHER Season Two Trailer Looks Very Promising, Indeed

Alright, now we're talkin'.

AMC just released the first full trailer for Preacher's second season, and - credit where credit's due - this second at-bat looks like it's going to be the rollicking adaptation we all wanted season one to be (reminder: season one ended up being something of a "remix/prequel" season that didn't seem to set anyone's world on fire).

Check this out.

That looks pretty great! You've got our heroes out on the road, you've got Cassidy up to all manner of skeevy hijinks, you've got what may be our best look yet at Herr Starr (who was partially introduced in season one, seen only from the back), and - last but certainly not least - Noah Taylor popping up with what I can only describe as a very unfortunate approach to facial hair. All that plus the Saint of Killers, the return of Aresface and cops holding hands!

Folks, most of Preacher season one left me very, very cold (only the pilot and the season finale did anything for me), but what can I say? They've totally sucked me back in. I will be there when Preacher returns to AMC on June 25th. How 'bout you?