Here’s Your Official WONDER WOMAN Spoiler Thread

Get in here for hot spoiler-on-spoiler action.

Folks, Wonder Woman is finally here, and the reaction's just about unanimous: Patty Jenkins delivered.

The film - easily the best-reviewed film of the DCU, on its way to what'll probably end up being a $100M-ish opening - is now in theaters, and of course all of you want to talk about. We wanna talk about it, too, but we wanted to give everyone a spot to speak their minds without fear of spoiling others. This is that spot.

So, let's hear what you have to say.

Were you actually fooled into thinking Danny Huston was Ares? Did you have a sudden moment of terror where you thought Chris Pine might suddenly swoop in and save Wonder Woman during that final battle, rather than sacrificing himself for the greater good? What'd you think of Gal Gadot's performance? How'd you feel about that opening act? OK, well, how'd ya feel about that middle act? What the hell, while we've got your ear: how 'bout that final act? 

You now have a place to discuss all of the above - and so much more - without fear of getting banned for spoiler talk. Please do so in the comments below now.