A Female And Male ONLY Podcast About WONDER WOMAN


This week’s episode of the BcMcDcPcPc is a little different than normal. Phil has graciously bowed out so I could talk Wonder Woman with a literal Wonder Woman, Meredith Borders. Meredith and I live in the same city, so this episode should sound better than normal, not just audio-wise but we were sitting in the same room, so you don’t have to deal with awkward over-talking. That shit is great with Altman, not so much with Skype conversations.

I think this is a great episode. Meredith and I drink a lot of whisky and talk Twin Peaks, which we love, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which we love, and Wonder Woman, which we also love. There is a lot of positive shit going on. The only mean things we have to say are about Phil. And maybe Wampler.

Phil and I are sure to be back soon (this whole thing was his idea, and it was a GREAT idea), if only to talk about new episodes of Twin Peaks, which is quickly becoming a top-ten show of all time for me, so I don’t mind spending a whole podcast episode on whatever happened in the latest installment. l really had the best time recording this one and hope that comes through when you all listen to it. See you next time!

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