New DARK TOWER Trailer Focuses On The Man In Black

In which Matthew McConaughey's villain gets a moment in the spotlight.

Last night, a brand-new ad for Nikolaj Arcel's The Dark Tower made its way online. We looked upon it and saw that it was just okay. Today we've got another new ad - this one focused on Matthew McConaughey's villainous Man In Black character - and it's a bit of an improvement!

See what you think.

Word I keep hearing is that Matthew McConaughey chews much scenery in The Dark Tower, which is not something I'm opposed to outright. The Man In Black should be a little over-the-top, should be a little bit too much. Whether or not that plays in context is something else entirely, but in theory? I'm cool with it. 

We won't have to wait much longer to find out how it all fits together: The Dark Tower arrives on August 4th. You guys catching up with the books before it lands in theaters, or are you planning to go in completely cold? Sound off in the comments below.