See Tom Cruise Behaving Very Badly In The First AMERICAN MADE Trailer

If you've ever wished to see a cocaine-covered Tom Cruise on a bicycle, today's your lucky day.

The first trailer for Doug Liman's American Made just dropped, and...look, folks, I'm just gonna get the hell out of its way and let it works its magic on you. 

This trailer rules.

According to The Playlist, American Made tells the bizarre true story of Barry Seal, a "TWA pilot that is recruited by the CIA to help with a rising communist threat in Central America. His work with the CIA leads to Seal being involved with the Medellin cartel and drug smuggling."

That description doesn't quite capture the rollicking vibe I'm getting from the trailer, but if that's the sort of movie we're in for I am 100% in on this one (side note: consider how much more engaged Cruise looks by this material rather than, say, in any of the Mummy trailers).

This one's been in the works for some time, and will finally hit theaters on September 22nd. You guys feeling it as much as we are?