Thankfully the Waverider isn't a small ship!

Roll your eyes at diversity all you like, the CW Network’s not shying away from it anytime soon! Legends of Tomorrow will return next season with a new addition to the team: Zari Adrianna Tomaz. Tomaz is the Arrowverse’s first Muslim-American character, and Entertainment Weekly is reporting that she’ll be portrayed by Tala Ashe. Ashe is an Iranian actress that you’ll recognize if you’ve checked out American Odyssey or shows like Law & Order and Smash

Comic fans will recognize Zari Tomaz as her alter ego, Isis. That’d be the Egyptian Goddess, y’all, not the other one. Tomaz’s comic counterpart is also tied to the Black Adam, but we’ll likely only hear about him in name for the foreseeable future. So far as Legends of Tomorrow goes, Tomaz’s character is from the year 2030, where that poorly thought out ISIS joke that ran through your head earlier in this paragraph is no longer an issue. While the civilization she comes from is said to be more advanced, it’s still got its issues. Those issues inspire Tomaz to become a hacktivist, so we won’t be kicking off the season with another full-fledged hero on our hands.

The Arrowverse isn’t short on computer geniuses, and Isis won’t be our first totem-powered or even Egyptian themed hero, but it will be interesting to see what it is that she’ll bring to the team, and how she’ll play off the rest of the “less advanced” Legends.