Here Comes That Live-Action COWBOY BEBOP Show You Wanted 15 Years Ago

Get ready for televised space jazz.

I know we make fun of anime a lot here, but once upon a time I didn’t think it was so bad. These were my Akira days. My Dragon Ball days. And yes, my Cowboy Bebop days.

While I have no idea how the show has aged or what I would think about it now, I have to admit Cowboy Bebop and its aggressively “cool” aesthetic worked on me. And if I were sharing this news fifteen years ago, I might actually be interested.

But instead it’s 2017. And they are making a live-action Cowboy Bebop TV show, anyway. I really can’t imagine why.

The show will be a collaboration between Tomorrow Studios and Sunrise, Cowboy Bebop’s original studio. Thor: The Dark World writer Chris Yost will write it. That’s about all the info available for now, but it is likely enough to send you back to bed.

So there you go. Get ready for a lanky hero, his beefy pal and a corgi to jazz all over your TV screen.