Keanu Reeves And Peter Stormare Are Back Together In This SWEDISH DICKS Trailer

Hope you like dick jokes.

“Dick” is another word one can use for “detective”. It also refers colloquially to a penis. Put those usages together and you can really have some fun.

That’s a good chunk of what’s going on in this trailer for Pop’s 10-episode series, Swedish Dicks, in which Peter Stormare and some youngster try to solve crimes in LA while also being sort of weird. It would also appear they get advice from Keanu freaking Reeves. Check out the trailer:

I know I don’t sound like it, but I’m actually looking forward to this, just for the sheer Stormare of it all. My man usually only shows up for 10 minutes in movies. I’m excited to see how he does with his own comedy series. And, you know, that Keanu action doesn’t hurt either.

Of course, I don’t have Pop. In fact, I just had to look up what Pop is. Those of you who do have the channel can start watching this August 2. Suckers like me will have to wait for it to show up somewhere else first.