A Few WONDER WOMAN Characters Are Coming Back For JUSTICE LEAGUE

Well, this is an interesting turn of events.

In a new interview with the LA Times, Wonder Woman stars Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen have revealed that we'll be seeing their characters again much sooner than we previously thought: apparently the two will appear in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Here's the exchange:

The film only briefly touches on the relationship between Queen Hippolyta and Diana. Are we going to see more of that in the future?

Gadot: Of course; the mother and daughter relationship is always a beautiful but complex relationship. I think that there's a lot more to explore.

Nielsen: And [Wright and I] got to do more in "Justice League" as well. As sisters as well. Kind of badass as well. We can't say much, but ...

Wright: And more of the story, you get some of the history.

Well, that's interesting...and I suppose there's any number of ways Hippolyta (Nielsen) and Antiope (Wright) might be brought back into the fold. Maybe they reappear via flashback, maybe the Justice League takes a field trip to Themyscira, maybe they join forces to battle...wait, who's the villain in Justice League again? Superman? Who can keep track?

Anyway, this is good news no matter how you cut it. We're eager to see Hippolyta and Antiope back in action when Justice League arrives in November. How 'bout you guys?