All We Ever Needed Was A Mondo SWISS ARMY MAN Poster

In which Oliver Barrett delivers an explosive SWISS ARMY MAN poster.

As you know, Birth.Movies.Death. is a staunchly pro-Swiss Army Man household. It ended up on a bunch of our year-end top ten lists, it's in regular rotation in most of our living rooms...we're big fans. And for as long as we've been Swiss Army Man fans, we've been waiting on Mondo to produce a Swiss Army Man poster.

Well, folks - today's our lucky day.

Swiss Army Man by Oliver Barrett
18"x24" Screen Print
Regular Edition of 225
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

Swiss Army Man by Oliver Barrett
18"x24" Screen Print
Variant Edition of 125
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

Here's a quote from the artist on how the piece came together:

“I loved the film’s unabashedly wild, ‘what the fuck?' approach to tackling themes of isolation, shame, and loneliness. So, I had to strive to distill that approach into a single image that echoes the idea of being saved from that isolation, wrapped in a goofy fart joke.”

These posters are killer - Barrett absolutely nailed the film's tone with that image - and they'll both be on sale via the Mondo website sometime tomorrow (that's Thursday, June 8th). You'll want to keep an eye on the Mondo Twitter feed for the on-sale announcement, or you can just keep a tab open to Mondo's website and hope for the best. In any event, good luck to everyone who's gunning for one of these.

Speaking of which: which of the above do you prefer? I'm leaning variant. That title treatment is (fire emoji goes here).