Composer Podcast: Adam Taylor Scores THE HANDMAID’S TALE

You will listen to this. Oh yes. You will.

Here’s another composer podcast. You will listen to it. It features an in-depth conversation with the composer of the Hulu hit TV series The Handmaid’s Tale (2017), Adam Taylor. You’re free to listen to anything you want, as long as you only listen to this podcast. It’s good. Tony Giles is the man behind it. For it is said, “he who doth liveth by the podcast, shall inherit the perception of truth.” 

This is no ordinary conversation. It’s deep and profound and takes us into our greatest worldly asset…music. It just so happens it’s regarding music for one of the hottest new series to hit the streaming-waves and plenty of people are talking. Commander Adam Taylor has been in charge of composing duties for this series since the first episode. There’s no turning back. 

Listen now. 

After that, buy the music. It is the only way.