Nicolas Cage To Star In Awesome Sounding Action Film, MANDY

This will not be your typical Nicolas Cage movie.

Deadline reports that Nicolas Cage has signed on to star in Mandy, an action-thriller set in 1983 where this dude, Red Miller, hunts a religious cult for revenge (I assume for the death of someone named Mandy). It apparently also takes place in the woods.

So I am totally in already. But what really sets this apart is that Mandy will be directed by Beyond the Black Rainbow’s Panos Cosmatos.

I’m not even a huge Beyond fan, but I do admire how weird the film is. And more than anything, I am excited to see what this guy does with a woodsy Nicolas Cage action thriller. I highly doubt it’ll be just another late-period Nicolas Cage film. And check out this quote from SpecreVision Head of Development Daniel Noah, who is helping produce the film:

“Nicolas Cage is a veritable god to those of us who grew up watching his classic performances. Bringing these two together for this surrealist, heavy-metal-soaked story of battle axes and demon bikers is unfathomably exciting to us.”

Oh man, yes please. I can’t wait to see this.