Patty Jenkins Not As Contractually Obligated To Direct WONDER WOMAN 2 As Previously Thought

Despite previous reports, Jenkins is not yet signed to direct the WONDER WOMAN sequel.

In the wake of Wonder Woman's staggering success at the box office this weekend, word circulated that both Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins were signed for the inevitable sequel, and there was much rejoicing. 

Turns out, Jenkins' return was not as locked-in as was previously reported. A new post over at The Hollywood Reporter reveals the following:

"While star Gal Gadot has an option in place for Wonder Woman 2 as part of her overall deal to appear in several DC movies, Warner Bros. executives enlisted Jenkins for just one film, a decision that could end up costing the studio millions of dollars if Jenkins' reps drive a hard bargain for her to return."

Ruh-roh! THR goes on to explain that Warner Bros. executives decided to hold off on negotiating for Jenkins' return until the film's release, preferring to see how it performed with audiences and critics before making any firm decisions about the franchise's future. What's that mean now? Well, as BMD Editorial Director Meredith Borders just put it: "Get that payday, girl."

Given the film's incredible success - with critics, with fans, with just about everyone - it seems all but guaranteed that Jenkins will return for the sequel. Warner Bros. would have to be out of their minds to pass up that opportunity. Our guess is that these negotiations will happen in short order, and that we'll have confirmation on Jenkins' return shortly thereafter.

The real question is when Wonder Woman 2 might even go into production: After all, WB's got many irons in the fire at the moment (in addition to Matt Reeves' Batman movie and James Wan's Aquaman, THR says WB was next planning to put Justice League Dark and Joss Whedon's Batgirl into production), and those irons ain't cheap. 

Stay tuned for more as the updates roll in.