Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ENDLESS POETRY Gets A Crazy New Trailer

As if it had any chance of going some other way.

Alejandro Jodorowsky is one of the best surrealistic filmmakers we have, and the guy is in his late 80s. When he has a new film coming out, it’s worth paying attention.

With that in mind, here is the trailer for Endless Poetry, a new film he has coming out. So pay attention:

I don’t know what else to say beyond this looks cool and I’m into it. The story appears to be about a young Jodorowsky and his journey toward becoming a poet. Luckily for us, becoming a poet for Jodorowsky doesn’t mean dressing in a beret and hitting up some def open mics, but rather getting super weird with it in a way only Jodorowsky can. And, uh, chopping down a wee tree. I’m in.

Endless Poetry opens nationwide July 24 with an early start in NY and LA July 14.