Watch David Bowie’s First Film - An IT FOLLOWS-esque, X-Rated Horror Short

This 14-minute experimental film was rarely screened before last year.

David Bowie's interest in and aptitude for the visual arts always went hand in hand with his music. He was a talented painter, he trained as a mime under Lindsay Kemp, and a fascination with motion pictures ran parallel to his music career for nearly his entire adult life. 

In 1967, Bowie was paid around ten pounds a day to star in The Image, a short horror film that evokes such works as Carnival Of Souls and It Follows, among others. In it, an artist (Michael Byrne) is menaced by the subject of his painting (an impossibly beautiful 20 year-old Bowie) come to life.

Due to its violence, The Image became the frst short film to ever receive an "X" certificate from the British Board of Film Censors, and the film subsequently played in a London cinema between two sex films. According to its director, Michael Armstrong, Bowie "said he felt really strange sitting there on his own, in this cinema with all these guys in their raincoats." 

Armstrong went on to direct a handful of horror films and sex comedies. Bowie went on to change the world. The film's "X" certificate kept it from being screened widely until it was made available online last year.