ATX Television Festival: There Are Two More Weddings Planned For PRETTY LITTLE LIARS

PLL creator I. Marlene King dropped by ATX and dropped some bombs on the final three episodes.

Pretty Little Liars - the Freeform YA TV series meets insane giallo that's held my heart for seven seasons - is ending on June 27, and I am devastated. So when creator I. Marlene King came to ATX with a look at her new show Famous in Love and an exclusive clip of the next episode of PLL, I was all over it like a black hoodie on A (or AD) (if you don't know what that means, skip this post).

King was joined by PLL and Famous in Love executive producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan, Freeform VP of Programming Jennifer Gerstenblatt and the costume designer for both shows Cameron Dale. They showed the first half of Famous in Love's two-part finale, followed by the first five minutes of next week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled "Choose or Lose."

But the real triumph was during the Q&A, when these women waxed nostalgic over their remarkable series. They talked costumes (oh my, the costumes on Pretty Little Liars are SO GOOD, you guys), spinoffs (unlikely, more's the pity), what it's like working on both shows at once ("We have to give 110% to both shows, which means a lot of #2s became #1s on PLL," says King). It wasn't newsworthy so much as a thrilling tribute to a show fans adore, complete with gifts for the audience and a lot of mass-squeeing. 

But there was one piece of news! King confirmed that there will be two more weddings in the remaining three episodes of the series. So I'm assuming there's a (SPOILERS!) official Caleb-Hanna wedding, as well as an Alison and Emily joint? I'm praying Aria and Fitz take their sad coupling out back and shoot it to put it out of its misery. 

But forget the romance. Gerstenblatt was absolutely correct when she said, "Our shows are really good when they're about friendship," and that's always what I've loved most about Pretty Little Liars. It's a show about surviving trauma, being stronger than the bullies who torment you thanks to the strength you gain from your friends. It's been a hell of a seven years for Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, Alison and Mona, and I admit to bursting into tears at this last little bit of scoop, from Cochran-Neilan:

The girls will all share the final shot of the show together, because the actresses requested this last final tribute to a friendship like no other.