Buckle Up: Eli Roth’s DEATH WISH Arrives In November

That photo above isn't from DEATH WISH, but it's probably not too far off.

Heads up, folks: according to Variety, Eli Roth's Death Wish now has a release date - November 22nd, to be precise. If you're thinking, "Awesome, now I know what I'll be seeing with my family on Thanksgiving," well, please adopt me into your family (this writer is almost certainly going to get stuck watching Coco).

This new Death Wish will - much like the 1974 Charles Bronson classic - be based on the Brian Garfield novel of the same name, and will revolve around "a mild-mannered father (who) is transformed into a killing machine after his family is torn apart by a violent act." This being an Eli Roth joint, it's probably reasonable to expect the 2017 Death Wish to be exceptionally violent and, if we're being honest, probably more than a little sleazy.

As you know, Bruce Willis is headlining this iteration of Death Wish, and he'll be joined by Vincent D'Onofrio, Kimberly Elise, Mike Epps, and the great Elisabeth Shue (!!!). That's just about all we know about this one at this moment, but maybe we'll get a trailer and further details soon. Stay tuned!