ATX Television Festival: Kristin Chenoweth Plays A Kellyanne-Type On YOUNGER Season 4

And more from our sneak peek of the Season 4 premiere!

We got to see the fourth season premiere of Younger, Darren Star's hilarious comedy about publishing, aging and New York City that airs on TV Land, and it's immediately clear that the series' senior year is maintaining the impossibly high quality of its first three seasons. Far and away the best part of the premiere belongs to Kristin Chenoweth as a Kellyanne Conway-type named Marylynne Keller, an "alternative facts"-tossing spin doctor who's got the entirety of Empirical Press in knots. She's awful and I love her. It's genius casting and Chenoweth's never been funnier (which is saying something). 

A few more non-spoilery tidbits from the premiere: Liza (Sutton Foster) is finally truly feeling the consequences of her life of deception, Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and Josh (Nico Tortorella) bond over their shared Liza-related heartbreak and Charles (Peter Hermann) continues to be the literal handsomest. 

The screening was followed by a panel with Star, writer Alison Brown and stars Hermann, Molly Bernard, Tortorella and Miriam Shor, and like last year, though the panel was really funny and super fun, it wasn't exactly revealing, because everyone's terrified of Darren Star's anti-spoiler "death glare." 

But we did learn one juicy detail about Season 4: there will be a "very special episode" in Ireland. You know what you need to fly to Ireland? A passport. And you know what you can find on a passport? One's actual age. Ruh-roh!