PARKS AND RECREATION Funko Figures Are Coming

Now your office desk can have its very own Leslie Knope.

We don’t normally cover Funko figures here. Not because we’re too cool for school or anything (well, Phil might be), but because there are just too goddamn many of them. We’d be posting them all the time.

But this is a special occasion, as Funko is finally giving their treatment to a show near and dear to many of our hearts, the sorely missed Parks and Recreation. Their line will include Leslie, Ron, Andy, April, Li’l Sebastian. Hot Topic gets an exclusive Bert Macklin. You can see them below:

This is pretty cool, though the novelty of having a Li’l Sebastian is a tiny bit overshadowed by the lack of a Tom. Or a Jerry. Or a Ben. Or an Ann. Or a Chris. Or a Perd. Or a…

For those who collect these things, look for them to hit in July.