WONDER WOMAN Is Having An Awesome Effect On The World

In which Patty Jenkins shares a heartwarming letter from a WONDER WOMAN fan.

After its second straight weekend atop the box office (and with over $430M earned worldwide), there can be no doubt Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is an honest-to-god Mega Hit. Critics embraced Jenkins' vision, audiences have been making return trips to the theater to get their fix, and - at long last - the DCU has a blockbuster on its hands that doesn't feel like it earned any money via morbid curiosity (see also: Suicide Squad's $745M worldwide take).

Added bonus: everywhere you turn on social media, people are sharing stories about how Wonder Woman positively impacted their lives. The one below - apparently written by a kindergarten teacher and sent to one of Wonder Woman's producers - was posted to Twitter last night by Jenkins herself, and it's one of the best, most heartwarming examples of Wonder Woman's influence we've come across. 

Give this a read.

I suppose if you wanted to be a real dick about things, you could roll your eyes at the above (or maybe even question its legitimacy; this is the internet, after all), but why would you want to? Wonder Woman represents a legitimate Cultural Moment, and - with a few small exceptions - it's been a wildly positive one. Not only is this good news for the DC Cinematic Universe, but it's also good news for the world itself, which could really use a dose of positivity right about now. 

Speaking of which - can we get Patty Jenkins locked in for a sequel, please? We're probably gonna need all the positivity we can get over the next few years. While we're waiting on that announcement to get made: has Wonder Woman impacted your life, or the life of anyone you know? How so? How many times have you seen it? Share your Wonder Woman wins in the comments below.