Behold, The Clowntastic First Trailer For BEHIND THE SIGHTINGS

Warning: includes "violent clown activity."

Last year, the United States - and some parts of Europe - found itself facing down a sudden and wholly inexplicable invasion: people reported seeing clowns lurking in the dark, hanging out on street corners, peeking out from behind trees in the woods. For a while there, many of us assumed the situation was just another a viral marketing stunt - perhaps it had something to do with Rob Zombie's next film, or a video game, or the Republican National Convention - but no, turns out it was just a bunch of lame, try-hard dipshits desperately trying to get their moment in the sun (again, nothing to do with the RNC).

At least, I assume that's what was going on. Far as I can recall, none of these clowns were ever captured and forced to explain themselves (have you ever tried to catch and incarcerate a clown? Shit's harder than you'd think, folks). In the absence of said explanation, director Tony H. Cadwell and co-writer Norman Alston decided to just go ahead and write one themselves. Then they turned it into a found footage horror movie. 

Which brings us to the below - the first trailer for Behind The Sightings.

As you can see, Behind The Sightings does not look like it will be a good movie, but there's just enough going on here to make me curious enough to seek it out: the fact that the trailer's YouTube embed has been labeled "FOUND FOOTAGE CLOWNS", for instance, or the on-screen text that makes a passing reference to "violent clown activity", or the fact that one of Behind The Sightings' clowns looks like a slightly more refined Killer Klown From Outer Space. I mean, are you gonna pass on this experience? I sure as hell won't.

Wikipedia's got you covered on the plot synopsis front:

"A young married couple, Todd and Jessica Smith, two filmmakers from Raleigh, North Carolina, set out to produce a documentary exploring the highly publicized sightings of individuals dressed as evil clowns."

As you may or may not know, the Birth.Movies.Death. staff shares what some might consider an unhealthy obsession with clowning, so you best believe we're all over this one. As of this writing, Behind The Sightings is set to be released in October, but we'll keep you informed should any further updates roll in between now and then. You can pass that time by posting your favorite creepy clown photos in the comments below.