FLATLINERS Remake Trailer Is All About Diego Luna’s Hair

Sorry, not sorry.

The first trailer for Niels Arden Oplev’s remake of ‘90s mainstay Flatliners offers a lot for us to take in. It has to explain the premise to those unfamiliar with the original. It has to introduce the cast. And it has to let everyone know it will feature interesting scares.

And it does all that. But it also has the added bonus of Diego Luna’s awesome hairdo. Check it out:

I hate to take an entire motion picture and simplify it to such an extreme degree, but that hair. That’s all I can think about. It’s an awesome choice for a movie to make in 2017. And he appears to be the film’s sole voice of reason! 100% into it.

Not that this means the film will be good. Hair does not quite have that much power. But the movie doesn’t necessarily look bad either. We’ll see when it comes out September 29.