It's okay Olaf, it happens to everyone who eats fruitcake.

If you’re a parent who’s just now gotten over their (I’m sure very adorable) child shrieking “Let it Go” at the top of their lungs, maybe stop reading and find your noise canceling headphones. If you’re like me and happen to be a shameless Disney fanatic, we have news! 

The Frozen gang will be back this holiday season, and they’re going on an all new adventure. Turns out Elsa still has some guilt over the worst parents in the world dying while trying to find a cure for her ice issues. Because they died, the Princesses of Arendale have no Christmas traditions, and their favorite deeply annoying snowman is going to fix all of their problems. 

Olaf and Sven will head off an epic adventure to gather Christmas traditions for the girls. Since Olaf’s involved, things are absolutely not going to go according to plan. But hey, they’ll have fun along the way! If the trailer’s any indicator, the focus will mostly remain on the non-human characters, but if you’re in it for Anna and Elsa, it does appear that the sisters will have a new song and a little bit of screen time. 

The short will be attached to Disney’s Coco, and, if rumor is to be believed, it’ll be about twenty minutes long. No idea how they intend to attach a short with that much content before a movie, but perhaps what’s seen in theaters will be a truncated version. Regardless of the runtime plan, Disney’s doing a good job dropping enough content to keep people interested in the franchise before Frozen 2 hits theaters in 2019.