Guess Who’s Coming Back For MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6

Who says Ethan Hunt can’t keep a relationship going?

As the Mission: Impossible series has mutated into team movies where Tom Cruise gets his ass kicked all over the place, it’s easy to forget the Bad Robot era of the series began with Ethan Hunt being a married man. 

For most of Ghost Protocol, we thought his wife, played by Michelle Monaghan, was dead only to discover that was all just some spy shit Hunt had cooked up. But then we never saw her in Rogue Nation. Not only that, but the chemistry between Cruise’s chemistry with Rebecca Ferguson in that film was so off the charts, one could be forgiven for assuming her including in the new film’s cast meant they were destined for kinky bedroom mask-play.

But that might not be the case, as director Christopher McQuarrie just wordlessly posted this on Instagram:



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Of course, we don’t know what this means. It could mean Monaghan is in the film (as just reported by Deadline). It could mean she’s returning, but only for a cameo. And it could just mean McQuarrie’s got that dude-on-Instagram thirst. But I’m betting on that first choice.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see. More than anything, I just want a title for this movie.