A Note From Tim League: Kid Koala Meets BABY DRIVER

A night of analog beats, breaks and chases.

Just two weeks ago, for the 20th Anniversary of Alamo Drafthouse, we did a surprise sneak screening of Baby Driver with Edgar Wright live in person. I was moderating the Q&A, and the last thing I noticed before taking the stage was that Kid Koala had worked on the soundtrack. Being a huge Kid Koala fan, one of my first questions was to find out more about what that meant exactly. The answer floored me.

Part of the backstory of the “Baby” character is that he is a music junkie and creates remix music with a very analog, non-digital mixer/DJ setup. Edgar met with Kid Koala and challenged him: “Create for me a completely analog DJ mixing rig without turntables that actually works." Oh, but there is more. Edgar’s challenge continued: "Imagine then that you are the character Baby and use the rig that you are going to build for the movie to create key remix tracks for the film." You’ll see in the movie that Baby has a suitcase full of cassette tape remixes that are the soundtrack to his entire life story. Kid Koala actually made those cassette tapes and the remixes recorded on them. Also in the film, you will see Ansel Elgort, the actor who plays Baby in the film, sit down and create music on Kid Koala’s amazing and fully-functioning sampling and remix rig, a rig built out of analog card readers and weird obscure, obsolete antiques.  

I stood there on stage, my lower jaw on the floor. Before the night was done, I emailed Kid Koala and begged him… please come to the Alamo. Lets do a very special Kid Koala meets Baby Driver show. And since Kid Koala is the nicest guy on the planet, he said, “Yes.”

So, for some very lucky folks, you can come and watch this special edition of Baby Driver. Before the movie begins, Kid Koala will set up his analog mixing rig in the theater, explain how it all works, tell us about working creatively with Edgar Wright and then use his incredible contraption to play these rare tracks from Baby Driver live in person. And even though the Baby Driver rig was designed without a turntable, Kid Koala will bring some for this live show... just in case. It is going to be nerdy. It is going to be awesome. We expect this show to sell out, so get your tickets now!  

Kid Koala Screening Dates
Brooklyn | Tuesday, June 27th
Austin | Wednesday, June 28th
Dallas | Thursday, June 29th
Denver | Thursday, July 6th

- Tim League, founder Alamo Drafthouse