JUNGLE Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Makes A Very Bad Mistake

LOST CITY OF Z, Millennial-style!

I guess every generation needs its movie where a disenfranchised younger goes off to another country to find his soul, armed with nothing but a backpack and a Moleskin notebook for whatever non-rhyming poetry a beautiful sunset inspires. They don’t tend to end well. The trips or the poems.

That certainly appears to be the case with Jungle, the latest from Greg McLean:

The foolish, young backpacker subgenre is not one I’m fond of, but it does look like McLean is going to take it all the way violence-wise:

Note how much of the initial crew is missing by the end of the trailer. And check out Radcliffe losing his mind and going full Rambo. It’s safe to say I’m in.

This will premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August. I definitely look forward to hearing reactions to it when the time comes.